"In nature there’s no waste, so let’s model a company after nature, a waste free company, where emissions are harmless, so that whatever we do emit, is not going to harm any creature, any part of the biosphere. Lets drive our processes with a renewable energy, but let’s first reduce that energy usage to its irreducible minimum through efficiencies, relentless pursuit of efficiency, so we can be begin to afford the investments in the renewable sources of energy someday. " 

That’s quote from the late, great (and much missed) Ray Anderson, formerly CEO of Interface. His achievements serve as an immense inspiration to me. Here was a business - a very commercially focused business - that had an epiphany. They realised that their business was unsustainable. They realised they needed to change and adapt working processes to eliminate the damage they were causing - and their supply chain was causing - to the world around us.

It is a fact that every single living system on this planet is in decline. Every one. And the human endeavour is the biggest single culprit. It is often easy in the commercial world to push aside the externalities of what our business is doing. Profit is sanity, right? Not any more.

Such is the pace of technological change and advance we can now objectively look at ANY business process and improve it. Make it more efficient, cleaner, more inclusive of the community and society. Ray Anderson’s dream of a waste free business community, powered by clean energy sources is at hand.

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Andrew Bird, Founder